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The email scoring feature of no2bounce allows you to identify whether an email address is genuine and active by looking into your database.

Email scoring

How does email scoring work?

no2bounce implements artificial intelligence to assess and value each email address to determine your email sender reputation. Through this assessment, the users will gain the insight to reach a real person than a dead-end through their email marketing campaigns.

This feature also allows you to know your most active subscribers. Enriching you with the data to convert them into potential leads.

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A real pioneer in email validation

no2bounce email scoring is a fluid and easy-to-use tool providing the most necessary intel for your email marketing campaigns. Not only do we check email deliverability score, but we also provide a way for you to validate catch-all emails further and score them. Through this process, you never lose any leads.

How we maintain your security and privacy?

no2bounce fundamentally works on maintaining your security and privacy.

Along with our partnerships with reputed cyber security institutions, no2bounce is GDPR, SOC 2, and PCI compliant to ensure the safety of our clients.

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