The Angry Birds Theory to understand Email Marketing

When we were recently watching Rovio's Angry Birds movie, we came across an odd and intriguing connection between these non-flying birds and Email Marketing. Most of us who have played this game already might be able to predict what the two entities have in common.

Don’t worry, allow us to present the uncommon similarity with the angry birds that aren't just about destroying pigs.

The Magic of A/B Testing

The game is so vivid and full of stunning birds that makes us glued to the screen while playing. Blues is one such fascinating bird. While blues is one smaller bird, it is far more efficient than others. So, what exactly does it do? It multiplies thrice.


While attempting to break down a big structural mission, these birds manifest into 3 during their mid-air flight, and strike at 3 different places at the same time, causing a significant impact.

Likewise, every email marketing campaign must include the A/B testing strategy where you reach segmented sets of audiences with unique content and determine which works the best, and which to continue with.

Red – The validator

This lone bird accurately found the true intentions of their uninvited visitors and warned his fellow birds to get rid of the green-colored colonists from their island. If only the birds had listed to their well-wisher they might not have lost their beloved eggs.

Precisely this is what a genuine email validation tool will do for you.


Keep calm and be like Red!

The ‘Bouncy’ boomerang effect

Hal is a lot of fun to use because of its unique ability. Hal is, indeed, a boomerang. Though Hal can inflict such desirable structural damage, if not used properly he will bounce back to you with zero damage resulting in no positive outcomes to your efforts.


Similarly, if your email data is not clean, you will face severe email bouncebacks which makes your efforts zero. So, it is always advised to maintain your email list clean using the right email validation tool which is suitable for your requirements and budget.

Correct landing at the wrong location.

Terrence. He's the bird island's brute. Terrance, on the other hand, gets no results when he is launched in the wrong location. Similarly, if you keep on knocking at your recipients’ inboxes who aren’t your target audience, then you are wasting your time & effort, and even losing potential leads, and worse getting your IP getting blocked due to unsubscribes and spam reporting.


Either go with opt-in email data which you are 100% confident about closing the deal, or get filtered target emails from email databases, which have qualified data as per your requirement.

Warm, hot, fuming – IP address

Never mess with Bomb or his emotions. He could blow up any time. When Bomb is overwhelmed by emotion, he detonates himself. You keep him as friendly as he is by adjusting him.

When IP addresses become hot, they may experience similar difficulties.


Make sure to use IPs with steady progress and don’t overstress them!

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All hail the Catapult!

Though birds and pigs dominate the game, we all know how vital the catapult is. The catapult is the apparatus that propels the birds precisely to the desired locations.


A malfunctioning catapult has no effect and thus is useless. Likewise, before considering any email marketing methods, it is wise to use a suitable email marketing tool and email list validator .

A clean slate is a healthy state

Remember, when Leonard Mudbeard alias King Pig visits the birds’ island and gives away gadgets, toys, and various gifts to the birds with the hidden intention of stealing the innocent birds’ eggs? The birds fail to realize the actual purposes of their visitors and miserably face the consequences in the end.


Similarly, when you plan an email marketing campaign, majorly you got two options – Use your existing data of opt-in emails for marketing, or get ‘targeted’ emails from scraping tools. The catch here is, similar to what Leonard Mudbeard did to those birds, the so-called best scrapping tools will present you with data that is not at all relevant to your criteria. Rather, those will be data that looks real but is not.

Here is an example

Let’s say you are planning an email marketing campaign that targets decision-makers in logistics in the United Kingdom.
Here is what your search criteria will be for scrapping tools:

Job description = Manager, CEO, CFO | Industry = Logistics | Country = United Kingdom

And you expect data from the above mentioned criteria, but the sad part is major data will be irrelevant.
Example: Your data will majorly include decision-makers from transport companies, manufacturing companies, small-business owners, etc.

To avoid this mishap, you got three options.

  • Use existing data of opt-in emails or plan an opt-in campaign, which will take a minimum of a month to get enough data to proceed.
  • Or, get targeted emails from email databases like InFynd, Zoominfo, Lusha, etc., where you get qualified data that has passed human and automated verifications.
  • If you don’t have enough time for opt-in emails or don’t have enough budget for reaching the email databases, you can validate the existing data that you got from scrapping with email validation tools that remove invalid, spam, and catch-all data from your email list. Then manually remove the irrelevant data in the now cleaned list and proceed with your campaigns

Understand that a clean base is a healthy base that is adequate for prosperity.

Though the article is a humorous cross-over, it does educate us on some of the most essential aspects of email marketing campaigns. Without these, we will never be able to save our eggs and reach the hatchlings (leads).


Happy Emailing!

Written by : Rajavelu & Sakthi Balaji

Rajavelu is a Digital Marketer with experience in SEO, SMM, SEM, and Content Marketing. With a strong passion for creative writing and hands-on experience in Digital Marketing, he has been delivering unique and informative content through digital channels and excels in branding, leads nurturing, online reputation management for businesses across the globe.
Sakthi Balaji is an upbeat content consultant and writer who loves to blend what's reality and what's made up so that his readers can comprehend best of both worlds. He is in a mission to create a world or a universe of his own microcosm where human emotions and much more stuff are concentrated for a better future.

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