7 proven Hacks to Boost your Email Marketing Campaigns

January 18, 2024 | 5 min read

Email marketing has been around since the dawn of online marketing, and it continues to play a massive role in connecting with customers and other businesses regularly.

We all need emails to function; some businesses need them more than others. This provides an opportunity to use email marketing as a channel for growth.

The 7 Hacks to Improve Your Email Deliverability

The main objective of email marketing is to stay in touch with existing customers by providing relevant content and establishing trust. Contrary to your expectations, if the marketing campaigns are not optimised, all your efforts may go in a wild chase by landing your legitimate emails in the junk folder instead of inbox. Let's look at few proven tactics that can help your marketing campaign succeed.

1. Set up a survey in your welcome emails

Welcome Emails are supposed to have high open and read rates. This offers a great opportunity to move the next step forward by greeting the new users onboard.

Jazz up a survey in the welcome mail by keeping it simple and informative to drive engagement among the customers.

Create surveys using the tool such as 

2. Subject Lines Matter!

Subject lines create the first impression in email marketing creating an impact on how your customers consider your emails. Make sure that your subject line is short, not exceeding 60 characters.

Try out tools below that help you with good subject lines.

3. Optimise your preview text

Preview text follows the subject line. Subject lines attract the reader with convincing ideas while the preview text drives in the customers.

Follow these tips to write preview text:

  • Add CTAs to your preview text
  • Create urgency to ignite curiosity in the customers
  • Start with keywords
  • Keep the message short.

4. Feel free to add links to your Email

Consider adding relevant links to land the user on the attractive part of your website or destination page which improves user experience by providing infographics and images.

Limit the number of links to your email because it can be overwhelming to your audience and come across as spam.

5. Resend the Emails to the non-openers

This may sound strange but this hack works! Put some effort into changing the visuals, subject line, and contents then send it to the people who have not opened your mail.

Use the tools such as right inbox, SalesHandy, Mailtrack, streak, etc.., to filter non-openers so that we can resend the emails appropriately.

6. Propel Forwarding and Replies

Email forwarding enhances your email deliverability and increases the number of subscribers. Asking your subscribers to forward your email is extremely effective in email marketing strategy because it helps you build your email list and enhances your brand awareness. Adding a link to your sign-up form is a plus!

7. Insert Email Choices

Sending too many emails to an uninterested user may result in being marked as spam and losing your subscribers. You can add an unsubscribe button for those who are not interested in your content allowing them to set their preferences.

Try this on the final unsubscribe page, you can include testimonials telling people how your emails helped others. It actually works!

Bonus tip

Prior to leaving, take a look at the bonus hack that could validate your mail and save time.

Try validating and cleaning your email list with no2bounce which classifies your mailing list as valid, or invalid, and catch-all. This clears your path of sending the emails to the right person reducing bounce rates.

Validate your Emails

The above-mentioned hacks can definitely bring results but alongside you need good preparation, clear and concise content that makes it easier for the user to read and proceed with our product.

Written by : Sneha

Sneha is an avid reader and writer having spent years writing and publishing content for research papers and thesis works. Her deep interest in content writing and digital marketing drove her to deliver explanatory content for business and educational brands on online platforms.

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