When will be the right time to send emails?

March 14, 2024 | 5 min read

Tired of sending lots of emails to your target audience? But didn't get the expected engagement. Sometimes, the collected email may also have inactive profiles. To check whether the gathered email addresses are active or not, follow some additional verification steps. It would be better for you to send out emails to the active accounts.

Sometimes, you will get “email not sending” notifications. Because it seems that the email you given is not a valid address. In that case, it is necessary to do email validation to collect valid email addresses for your sending emails.

Have you followed any scheduled time for sending the emails? If yes, then you were following the right tactic. Moreover, make it worth your schedule by knowing the best time to send multiple emails at once to your target audience.

Peruse further to get more tips to manage your effective emailing schedule.

Which day will the best suited for your Emailing?

#1 For email marketing, Thursday would be the best day to share your emails with the customers. Because it will get more attention from your target audience. During the midweek, people feel calm and settle into their routines to finish the work. Now, it has more possibility to check their email and may respond to it also.

#2 Of course, the second preferred day in a week to share email will be Tuesday. The people will catch up with their regular work schedule from Tuesday only. They would be tired on Monday. By this, you can crack more click-through and open rates for your emails. Additionally, it’s important to do email validation for getting more engagement.

#3 Lastly, the midweek can be chosen to send emails consistently i.e., Wednesday. Based on some studies, the initial rush in a week can be minimized by the midweek point. So, people will have their time to look at your emails.

What time would be right?

Before composing an email, it is important to know the right time to send that email which will be a key for your effective emailing. So, let's discuss the timing schedule that suits perfectly to send your emails.

  • The morning travel rush would end up by 10 am. After this, people will find time to catch up with the emails and not get any lunch distractions. So, this time is first prioritized for your emailing.
  • Secondly, you can choose 9 am. At this time, some people will start their daily work routines. It is easier for you to reach them before the mail gets overcrowded.
  • Several individuals check their emails before they get into their work schedule. So, you can choose 8 am as your third priority. Therefore, sending emails to your valid bulk mailing list at this time will work.
  • At or after the lunch time namely 1 pm, people usually used to notify their email messages. It seems a common time among working professionals to look at their notifications.
  • Most of the people have the habit of checking their emails during their early morning coffee time. Do you have that too? Then, prefer 6 am.

Did you get the best timing schedule for your emailing now?

That’s good.

Moreover, it's important to know the worst time also.

If you have decided to send your emails from 7 pm to 3 am. It will not be a good idea. Many people do not view their notifications during this period.

Think about your target audience’s work timing to select the appropriate timing for emailing.

Written by : Sowndarya

Sowndarya is a senior content marketer and copywriter experienced in crafting creative content. She loves creative writing and editing and excels in grabbing her audience’s attention in every content module. With a passion for writing, she succeeds in creating compelling content that sparks meaningful interactions.

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