Disposable email address (DEA) & its adverse effects

February 8, 2024 | 5 min read

The disposable email address is mainly created for short-term use and then it will be disposed of after achieving the purpose of that mail. Most of them did not prefer to share their primary email addresses everywhere. Because it will cause some security problems for their account and data. Rather than giving the permanent email address, the temporary disposable mail will be used to avoid security and privacy risks.

DEA would be a great option for customers to share their mail addresses at anywhere.

If you are running a business, then the Disposable Email Account is a challenging concept for you to maintain active email databases.

Drawbacks of DEA for your business

When it comes to the user, disposable mail will be a convenient option for them. But the businesses may find challenges in building email databases for CRM and other business operations.

  • Breaks the trust
  • If you have a mailing list with a lot of disposable email addresses, then it proves that your customers are not trusting you to share their data. They were afraid of the data breaches issue and more cautious in protecting their information. It shows the breach of trust that has been raised between you and the customers.

  • Customer conversions
  • When the users enter disposable addresses for the email signups and log in to any application, then it will create some complications. They will use these same disposable addresses for their trials. At this stage, the businesses can find more obstacles to transfer them into paid ones. Converting the trail users into the customers will not happen as expected.

  • You will become a spammer
  • While doing customer follow-up through email marketing, it is important to use some strategies to verify your customer’s email addresses. Because the email may have expired when they provided the temporary mail id address. If it is expired, then your follow-up emails will bounce back, and this results in you as a spammer.

How can you manage it?

Following the cleaning email list procedure will help you in removing the disposable addresses from your mailing list. No2bounce brings you the best validation checker and cleaning services to maintain your email lists effectively. When you practice it regularly, you can prevent the risks that were commencing due to the DEA. Utilize the best email validation solutions and clean the expired email addresses to maintain a healthy emailing list.

Written by : Sowndarya

Sowndarya is a senior content marketer and copywriter experienced in crafting creative content. She loves creative writing and editing and excels in grabbing her audience’s attention in every content module. With a passion for writing, she succeeds in creating compelling content that sparks meaningful interactions.

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