5 Effective and Proven Ways to Decrease Email Bounces

July 12, 2022 | 13 min read

Email marketing is an excellent strategy for taking your product/service to the attention of your target audience. Undoubtedly, yes!

But, how to be successful in making this happen?

To begin with, let us recollect the steps/procedure, most of us do while initiating an email marketing campaign. Email marketing campaign.

Firstly, you’ll spend hours gathering your target audience’s emails, then will draft the mail content explaining your subject, add a superb subject line & CTA links, and finally, you hit the send button expecting positive replies. But all your efforts turn out to be naught when you see those email bounce back.

Let's take a look at the 5 effective and proven ways to decrease the email bounce rate and paving way for a successful

1. Double the opt-ins to better the sign-up confirmation

Double opt-ins are a tactic that marketers use as a confirmation to reduce the chances of spamming their client's inboxes. Increasing the opt-ins twice may require all email sign-ups to be confirmed and assured by the user which weeds out the uninterested users or robots from your subscription list. This method may sound like adding friction to the sign-up process but it increases the user's willingness to your content and brand for better sales.

An extra confirmation step helps businesses to extract leads who are genuinely interested in your products. The leads you attract from double opt-ins can eventually turn them into paying them by nurturing them with your content. Opting the double opt-ins is the simplest way to avoid email bounces and protect your client's inboxes from spam.

Beat the clock by fetching emails from trustworthy email databases like Infynd, Lusha, Apollo, etc.., which saves you time if you are strategizing for double opt-ins.

2. Clean your list, Clear your path

An email list that is clean and has low bounce rates will have high engagement rates keeping the spam percentage low. Having a quality email list results in a higher delivery rate and hence ROI in the email marketing campaign. Before scrubbing your email list, you will have to segregate the users as inactive and disengaged. The former can be simply removed and the latter still has the possibility of winning them. You may feel it weird to remove people from your list but the recipient has not opened your emails for a few months, so it's necessary to remove them and perform email list hygiene which drives up the open and click-through rates.

Cleaning the email data manually is time-intensive, consider using email validation tools like no2bounce, Zerobounce, Hunter, etc., to tide up your bulk email data at ease.

Tips to re-engage with the disengaged audience

  • Try to re-engage with the disengaged audience by finding their interests and demographics.
  • Focusing on interactive content such as buttons or polls that will ask for click-throughs rather than openings.
  • Run a giveaway and invite the disengaged audience to follow you on social media.
  • Add a survey and offer an incentive for those who respond.
  • Ask for feedback on the product

A clean list paves way for

  • Reaching the overall subscriber base which includes the most engaged customers.
  • The reputation of the sender by avoiding email bounces, spams, and unsubscribes.
No2bounce offers free cleanup to 10k emails! Absolutely free!

3. Increasing the engagement of the subscribers by segmenting their emails

Email segmentation includes grouping subscribers according to certain characteristics to send the appropriate emails to the relevant recipients at the appropriate times. This technique typically has a significant impact on the overall outcomes and enables you to deliver more focused follow-ups to people you most recently interacted with. You can observe who is purposefully interested after we concentrate on the segregated subscribers' emails, which will raise engagement numbers.

4. Ensure that your email doesn't appear to be spam

Before you send emails, check your messages against a list of spam phrases provided by the email service provider (ESP). Prior to drafting the subject lines and content of the email, try your examining your content in Quillbot, Peppertype, Omnisend, and Sendcheckit which definitely helps in upgrading the content to some extent.

  • Keep those terms and phrases out of the subject line.
  • Avoid sending emails with a lot of photos and little text because while they may look appealing, they are ineffective.
  • Avoid including too many links in your email because this truly violates the threshold and makes it appear to be spam.
  • Keep your material short and to the point, add an image that highlights what you have to offer regarding your product, utilize a compelling call to action (CTA), give your physical address, and make your content available on browsers

The above-mentioned points will certainly improve your content.

5. Consistency is the key to keeping the subscribers connected

Most of us found that we hadn't heard from them since signing up once. Instead of building a massive email list but then disappearing, we must consistently be present and use email to interact with our audience. This keeps the list active but requires periodic cleanup. However, if we keep the subscribers interested, they might become commercial clients.

A great email marketing campaign is the result of careful preparation, assessment, action, and optimization. It actually demands an investment in the proper people and high-quality content. Evaluate and put into action the ideas discussed in this blog to enhance the success rate of your emails.

Take a look at the list of tools that will help you achieve a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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For cleaning your email list:

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Written by : Sneha

Sneha is an avid reader and writer having spent years writing and publishing content for research papers and thesis works. Her deep interest in content writing and digital marketing drove her to deliver explanatory content for business and educational brands on online platforms.

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