6 email marketing automation mistakes to avoid

January 4, 2024 | 5 min read

Email automation can save marketing executives a lot of time, but it also allows for silly errors. In this blog let us discuss some of the most common email marketing automation mistakes to help you become more aware. As a result, you'll be able to avoid them.

Have you ever received an email that appears as if it was written by a robot? It makes no difference from which company it comes. An unapproachable email conveys a lack of concern and can be destructive to marketing campaigns.

With the digital revolution becoming more common, email automation has gained popularity, saving marketers both time and resources. We can, however, make mistakes.

What goes wrong in Email Marketing automation?

Below are six automated email marketing mistakes that you need to watch out for if you are trying to keep your subscribers engaged and level up the conversion rates.

1. Neglecting the requirements of the subscribers

Try sending emails in the appropriate niche to subscribers for what they have asked for rather than sending irrelevant emails. Delivering unexpected content, lack of personalization and lengthy emails pave way for getting more unsubscribes for your emails.

Before sending automated Email content, consider these points below:

  • Personalization of email content

It actually plays an important role in email marketing driving open rates, click-throughs, and conversion rates. To get the feel of a hand-crafted mail include variables to the automation such as name, location, and links.

  • Segment your mailing list into groups

You can send more relevant emails by splitting a large list into smaller groups. Form groups based on shared interests or needs.

  • Length of your Email matters

Emails need to be short and crisp i.e. Less than 300 words so that readers get the point in a short time. By serving email content according to your subscribers’ needs you can increase engagement and enhance the success rate.

2. Congested design

Designs on the email determine how many people open, read and engage with your marketing campaign. Too many designs with different announcements and offers is a common mistake.

Irrelevant information and multiple CTAs can ruin email engagement leading to landing in spam and junk folders. One clear message is enough for automated emails to move clients closer to conversion.

Keep things simple. Focus and define the action you want the users to take on each mail.

Note: Try to achieve one goal for one campaign.

3. Prevalence of Emails and Planning

Frequency of Emails and scheduling them cause email marketing automation mistakes.

Automated email campaigns, simplified by email automation tools, can help you consume less time by quickly sending messages to a broad base of potential clients. This can lead people to be overwhelmed by inboxes. Sending too many emails can turn away subscribers. Standing between too few and too many emails is a good choice but sending emails without a purpose doesn't fit right.

Timing plays a crucial role as well because it varies for different geographical regions affecting how your subscribers judge your priority. Plan a proper mail automation strategy by defining your parameters which improve scheduling and decrease the frequency of unnecessary emails.

4. Resonating robot

Switching from a tiring manual process to a robotic process automation system (RPA) system saves you a lot of time by allowing you to focus more on other important matters. You can't send personalized marketing emails to every single recipient, but it doesn't mean you’ve to be unbranded and uninviting.

Substitute employee/department names instead of do-not-reply email addresses.

Try crafting emails as if you are talking directly with the customers to humanize your brand.

5. Sustaining bad lists

Preserve your sender's reputation by verifying the email addresses in your list and using an IP address& single email address for the purpose of marketing to control reputation. The email address which has not been verified doesn't engage and has high rates that can damage your reputation by leaving you on the blacklist and landing you in spam.

Cleaning your mailing list by removing invalid email addresses to construct a more organic and reliable list and keeping your email addresses relevant is one of the proven ways to increase the efficiency of campaigns.

Try using:

to validate and verify your mail list efficiently.

6. Neglecting previous campaign statistics

Don't repeat the same mistakes that you’ve done in past campaign metrics. Email automation lends hand to saving time and thus increasing time. Identify what worked well in the past marketing campaign to improve present and future campaign performance.

Not realising your mistakes and continuing the same in the current campaign will lead to pitfalls that stop your growth and success. Often analyse open rates, click rates, and other metrics to see what changes you need to make.

Upgrade your future by learning lessons from the past.

Humanise your Mails to interact with Customers

Nearly half of the companies use marketing automation but when it comes to Email it can be crucial. By making small adjustments to your plan can enhance your email marketing campaign. Invest time in making customization adjustments and analyzing past performance. Draft a mail with simple design, a defined goal and human sounding to engage with your customers.

To increase the probability that your campaign will be successful, consider the emails you enjoy getting and strive to mimic them.

Written by : Sneha

Sneha is an avid reader and writer having spent years writing and publishing content for research papers and thesis works. Her deep interest in content writing and digital marketing drove her to deliver explanatory content for business and educational brands on online platforms.

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