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Why Validate emails?

Email marketing is one of the critical aspects of prospecting. The more inboxes you reach the more leads you generate. Hence, ensuring that the email lists you have been validated and are free from invalid or risky emails is crucial.
Email validation also saves you time and help devise more informed strategies to obtain desirable business outcomes.

Our Products

no2bounce provides a wide range of email validation tools that have enriched our clients with the advantage of total email deliverability. We cover the entire cycle of components that you require to host a successful email campaign.

Our products are;

  • Email Validate
  • Email score
  • Email Finder
  • Clean emails
  • Catch all – emails

Email Validate

Our email validator allows you to reach the right inboxes and save your time by deleting bouncing and catch-all email addresses from your list.


Benefits of validating emails:

  • Removes bouncy and catch-all emails.
  • Saves time in campaigns.
  • Safeguards sender reputation.

Email score

Scoring email addresses helps in understanding its authenticity better. no2bounce scores emails and lets you know the reliability of each address before you push them for campaigns.


Benefits of scoring emails:

  • Easy to interpret.
  • Additional assurance with email addresses.
  • Defines how authentic an email is.

Email Finder

Finding emails of specific individuals could be tedious as there are roughly 8 billion probabilities. no2bounce makes this easier; Our breakthrough email finder finds the exact email addresses of real people you are looking for in less than a minute.


Benefits of Email finder:

  • Find real-time email addresses of real people.
  • Saves a lot of time from searching manually.
  • Detailed analysis report of each email address at the end of the operation.

Clean emails

Cleaning email lists is the fundamental process of email marketing. But unfortunately, email databases have approximately 2% of bouncing emails. It might sound less but highly affect your sender's reputation. Hence, this tool gains its importance naturally. no2bounce clean email tool helps target such faulty emails and remove them from your database.


Benefits of Cleaning email lists:

  • Safeguards sender reputation.
  • Improves email deliverability.
  • Saves time and resources greatly.

Catch-all emails

Catch-all emails or ‘risky’ emails are dummy addresses. These emails are generally collected by ‘catch-all’ servers that do not filter dummies. And once you have them in your email list, it might affect your campaigns. no2bounce gives you the power to assess these catch-all emails by a highly efficient mechanism that enables users to free their lists from such emails


Benefits of Catch-all email validation

  • Saves your sender's reputation.
  • Protects from being spammed by prospects.

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